"Hey Hypnobeast, just wanted to tell you that your work is amazing!  ...Your technique is magic and it makes me feel like I am floating in zero gravity. I have had personal sessions with other hypnotists, but none of them have taken me deeper than your files have."

Jeremiah Storie, Patron

"Luminous Energy is an excellent session that has helped me a lot. Thank you very much!"

-Finis Ronin

Hypnobeast has been practicing hypnosis and guided imagery for over a decade and has years of experience. Hypnobeast graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara with a bachelor's of arts in Psychology in 2005.  He then went on to train for a year at the college of hypnotherapy in Los Angeles, the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. There he studied various modalities of meditation and guided imagery. He has seen countless clients in-person and through video conferencing.

Drawn to furry culture, Hypnobeast has been in the furry community under various fursonas since the late 90's. He grew up on newsgroups like alt.fan.dragons and interactive MU*s like Furry Muck. He regularly attends conventions such as Califur, Further Confusion, Biggest Little Furcon, as well as any he can afford to travel to in the Pacific Northwest.

When he is not working on making new recordings he is either helping out at his  family's business.

Hypnobeast identifies as nonbinary and gay and proudly supports the LGBT+ community.

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